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Wafer Chucks

We are providing below ceramic chuck table products/services
· New, and refurbished, porous ceramic chucks for Disco ,ADT, K&S saws.
· 4",6",8,",12" regular size available in round , square ,oval shape or     irregular shapes and sizes
· High precision of surface flatness of 2 micron
· Custom chucks for dicing saws, wafer mounters and wafer washers.
· Chuck repair service. Chucks are returned to OEM specifications

Thin Film Vacuum Chuck

semiXicon porous ceramic vacuum chucks are available for a wild array of shapes and sizes for thin film substrates and other flat fragile materials, the chuck’s superb flat surface of porous ceramic distributes the vacuum force equally to mitigate any potential deflection.

The chucks are of different flatness and parallelism depends upon customer’s applications, in most of the cases we are talking about several microns on the entire surface.

The frames to hold the porous ceramic insert can be alumina, stainless steel, or ceramic, we have specially developed the assembly technology which distinguish our chucks to brave harsh working environment with high temperature and humidity.

Some standard designs are 

Square: 2”,4”,6”,8”,9”,12”,20”

Round:     2”,4”,5”,6”,8”,9”,12”

Rectangle: 2”*4”,4”*6”,6”*12,12”*20



semiXicon is the trade mark of Werlchem LLC for Semiconductor products.

  Porous Ceramic Vacuum Chuck