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Chuck Table

We are providing below ceramic chuck table products/services
· New, and refurbished, porous ceramic chucks for Disco ,ADT, K&S saws.
· 4",6",8,",12" regular size available in round , square ,oval shape or     irregular shapes and sizes
· High precision of surface flatness of 2 micron
· Custom chucks for dicing saws, wafer mounters and wafer washers.
· Chuck repair service. Chucks are returned to OEM specifications

Wafer Polishing Plates

Wafer Polishing Plates

Ceramic wafer polishing plates are excellently chemical resistant with minimal deformation, high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient.

Currently we are now supplying wafer polishing plates made from fine Alumina or Silicon Carbide with convex, flat or concave shapes.

The inherent property of excellent rigidity and outstanding wear resistance established ceramic polishing plate the ideal choice for wafer polishing, grinding and thinning process.

Material Alumina or Silicon Carbide
Shape Convex, flat and concave or per custom request
Size MAXφ50"
Precision Flatness: 1-2μm or less depend on size and shape

Alumina Wafer Polishing Plate

SIC Wafer Polishing Plate

semiXicon is the trade mark of Werlchem LLC for Semiconductor products.

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